Terms and conditions

The following general terms and conditions of sale apply to all deliveries and orders, unless there is any other written agreement between the parties.

Advice and offers:

  1. Lauridsen Industri advises the buyer within his own field of experience and at the best knowledge at the time of advice, but makes reservations that acquired experience may lead to other solutions.
  2. Advice is made solely on the basis of the information provided by the buyer to Lauridsen Industri.


  1. Lauridsen Industri's services include only the parts specified in the order confirmation. Possibly. Drawings, illustrations and technical data in catalogs, etc. Is indicative and Lauridsen Industri can not be held responsible for any errors or misinterpretations in this material.
  2. If Lauridsen Industri's order confirmation does not match the buyer's order, the buyer must immediately advertise. Otherwise, the buyer will be bound by the content of the order confirmation


  1. Prices in quotations, order confirmations and contracts are daily prices, unless the order is subject to a binding offer, excl. VAT, taxes and assembly. Lauridsen Industri reserves the right to change prices in case of significant changes in production costs, labor costs, raw materials, subcontracting and exchange rates


  1. Delivery time is shown in the written order confirmation, and when the item has arrived at the delivery address. Delivery terms are ex works according to Incoterms 90, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Delivery is deemed to have occurred when the buyer has acquired the goods or is surrendered to the first foreign carrier. The ordered item is delivered and unloaded at a pre-agreed location, which the driving conditions permit as passable and accessible at access

Payment terms

  1. Payment must be in accordance with the current condition or 14 days net from the invoice date. Buyer is not entitled to offset with any. Counterclaims not recognized by Lauridsen Industri. In case of late payment interest accrues 1.5% per Commenced calendar month. Return of ordered goods will only be done by agreement and within 1 month. It is credited with 80% of the invoiced value. Specially manufactured goods are not returned.
  2. Lauridsen Industri reserves the right to ownership of the goods until the full amount incl. Interest is paid, even by bills or by other document. The buyer is obliged to keep the goods delivered fire-insured for full value. If payment has not been made at the time of the fire, the insurance sum will directly accrue Lauridsen Industri


  1. Complaints about defects or damage in the case of a shipment must be made immediately without undue delay after the defect has been found and no later than 5 days after delivery has been received. Return of goods is accepted only after prior written agreement. The buyer must not approve shipping letters or the like upon receipt of damaged goods, in which case it is for the buyer's own risk as the receipt is accepted.
  2. Lauridsen Industri's responsibility for defects in the delivered goods is limited to the replacement or replacement of the defective items. The compensation can not exceed the purchase price for defective parts. Lauridsen Industri is not responsible for operating losses, loss of time, loss of profits and other direct losses

Product liability

  1. Lauridsen Industri is responsible for damages only if it is established that the damage is due to defects and negligence committed by Lauridsen Industri. Lauridsen Industri has drawn product liability insurance in Denmark for personal injury and property damage, and can not meet in a single case with a claim that exceeds the amount in the policy. Should Lauridsen Industri be liable to third parties for liability for direct or indirect loss suffered in the event of injurious events, the buyer is obliged to sue in the court which may handle the claim for compensation raised by a third party against Lauridsen Industri on the basis of Damage alleged by third parties is caused by the delivery.


  1. The following circumstances imply discharge when they occur after the conclusion of the agreement and prevents its performance. Work placement, strikes, lockout and any other circumstance that Lauridsen Industri could not reasonably have expected, for example. Fire, machine damage, currency restrictions, lack of transportation, and failing delivery from Lauridsen Industri's main and / or subcontractors. Loss of operating losses, loss of time, loss of profits and other indirect loss losses are not reversed

Drawings and descriptions

  1. All information about weight, dimensions, capacity, price, technical and other data listed in catalogs, prospectuses, circulars, advertisements, image material and price lists are approximate and are binding only, to the extent that they are explicitly referred to.
  2. All submitted drawings and descriptions remain Lauridsen Industri's property and may not be copied, reproduced, transferred or otherwise brought to third parties without permission. The ownership of drawings and descriptions that Lauridsen Industri finds necessary to enable the buyer to set up, initiate, operate and maintain the delivery, is transferred to the buyer. However, Lauridsen Industri demands that they remain confidential.

Settlement of discrepancies

  1. Any disagreement or dispute between the parties about the understanding and scope of these terms of sale and delivery shall be settled by arbitration and in accordance with Danish law, including custom and trading terms.