Foot Valve

Foot Valve 


A foot valve is a type of check valve that is typically installed at a pump or at the bottom of a pipe line (hence the name). Foot valves act like ball check valves, but have an open end with a shield or screen over it to block debris from entering the line. The valve opening is designed to be larger than the line itself, minimizing head loss.

Foot valves can be found in ponds, pools and almost anywhere there is a pump. These special valves allow the pump to stay primed, letting liquid to flow in, but keeping it from flowing back out. The screens or baskets that cover the valve opening tend to get clogged over time, especially in ponds and wells. It is important to check and clean your valves regularly for optimum performance.


Like most valves, foot valves come in a variety of materials. While each foot valve will be slightly different, the general design is universal. Look at this PVC foot valve we've taken apart below. It consists of The main valve body and line connection, the ball, the seal carrier, the seal, and the screen. You' notice that this valve can be fully disassembled for cleaning.

This particular model, which you can order direct from us, has a specially designed ball mechanism. This is not a standard sphere, but a weighted cup design that allows for superior functionality and durability. Unlike most ball-style valves, this valve ball will not spin in place or create worn areas that allow for leaks.

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