Isolation valves

Isolation valves 


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    butterfly valves are primarily used in industrial applications and the chemical industry, as well as the fields of water supply and water/waste water treatment. The concentric and single-eccentric designs are available as standard. However, the double-eccentric and triple-eccentric shut-off valves are also available for projects on request. Use of matched control components such as position indicators, positioners and process controllers allows butterfly valves to also be used in control circuits.

  • Centric Butterfly Valves

    The butterfly valve comprises a ring-shaped body in which a ring-shaped elastomer seat/liner is inserted. A washer guided through a shaft swings through a 90° rotary movement into the gasket. Depending on the version and nominal size, this enables operating pressures of up to 25 bar and temperatures up to 210 °C to be shut off. Most often, these valves are used for mechanically pure liquids, but can also be used in the right material combinations without posing any problems for slightly abrasive media or gases and vapours. 

    Due to the large variety of materials, the butterfly valve is universally compatible, for example with countless industrial applications, water/drinking water treatment, coastal and offshore sectors. The butterfly valve is also often a cost effective alternative to other valve types, where there are no stringent requirements regarding switching cycles, hygiene or control accuracy. In large nominal sizes of greater than DN 150, it is often the only shut-off valve that is still viable. For more stringent demands with respect to chemical resistance or hygiene, there is the possibility of using a butterfly valve with a seat made of PTFE or TFM. In combination with a PFA encapsulated stainless steel disc, it is suitable for highly aggressive media in the chemical or semiconductor industry; and with a polished stainless steel disc, it can also be used in the foodstuff or pharmaceutical sector.

    For all the valve types specified, Lauridsen-group offers numerous customized accessories for automation and process optimization. Electr. position indicator, position and process controllers, sensor systems.

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