About us

Lauridsen Industries is a family-owned business situated in Vordingborg that for many years have been a leading figure in valve-solutions for a wide variety of businesses in our region.

15 years experience in delivering Danish produced valves of great quality to the Danish and European market gives us the confidence to promise you an enduring and reliable solution for your company

Our main areas of focus are bio-fuels, industrial solutions and offshore. Through this experience, we are able to guarantee you a sustainable solution to the challenges you may face as a company.

Our top priority is your satisfaction as a customer and therefore we aim to establish a personal relation to all of our customers in order to ensure that these customers are being serviced in accordance to our values and goals as a company.


Through the last 6 months  we have been focusing our energy on expanding our business and are proud to announce that we have renamed the company from Lauridsen industri to Lauridsen Group aps 

please call us if you need anything 

best wishes 

Kenneth Bremer